To Wellness Professionals
That Want to Help More People

I Want To Help You Spread Your Message  So You Can Lead More People To Live Their Best Life.

-Chief Advocate of Awesome NK=

Dear Friend,

This is not about what or how...

We will get to that - but first I want to tell you WHY...

Several years ago, I was living an awful, small minded, stagnant, and sub-par life. The kind that you are so ashamed to admit you are living - you can't even see it yourself - until you escape it.

I was 233lbs at only 5’7”. I was a smoker and fast food junkie. I hadn’t read a book in over 10 years. I “forgot” to meditate and pray… everyday… for 7 years. I was wasting my life.

I wasn't fit to be a father, but there I was with 5 kids.

I didn’t think I could be anything other than what I was, so why try… That WAS my why… Why try.

Then one day, almost by accident...

I heard a series of stories that changed my life. They nestled themselves deep in my subconscious and I began to change… Slowly at first, but it all compounded.

Over the next 5 years… I lost 74 pounds. I read over 300 books. I listened to thousands of hours of educational audio.

I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 5 years, I quit fast food over four years ago. I am a completely different person…

Most importantly - My kids are proud of me. I set an example that you never have to settle. 

The thing is... I don’t ever want anyone to suffer that awful, small minded, stagnant, and sub-par life. It is a miserable existence.

More than a desire...

I have a need to help people live their best life…  I'll bet you know exactly what I mean. That deep down feeling  - you know the one.

But I am not a health | wellness expert. I don’t have a program to help people do what I did. 

And this is where YOU come in…

I can't stand the idea of anyone suffering that miserable existence I called a life.... Settling for less than the best they can be. Or at very least, settling for a person they don't want to be.

Anyway. You have spend hundreds or thousands of hours learning how to lead people to live their best life.  I have spent thousands of hours studying a different craft.

I don’t know how to help people get healthy and live their best life like you do.  But... I do know how to help you reach more people and get them pumped up to change their life. 

I have a mission...

Co-Create a Healthier World - 

Physically * Emotionally * Spiritually


In order for me to impact the world  I need to do it through heroes like you. The more people I can help you help - the more likely I am to achieve my mission.

My Legacy is Linked Directly to Your Legacy.

YES - I very selfishly want to find a few amazing people that I can help "Unleash Your Awesome" and share it with the world .


I  am going to help as many wellness professionals as I can get better as sharing your message so you can help lead more people to live their best life. 

I will answer any questions I can, and post relevant content...

I figure that somewhere along the line the people that need my help the most will find me, and we will do great things together.

I don’t know if it is you or not… But I hope it is! 

For a Healthier World,

Chief Advocate of Awesome, 

Nathan Kettler  NK=

PS: I have a lot of great content that will be available very soon. In the mean time if you would like to discuss any marketing challenges you might be struggling with please reach out to me and I will be happy to help in anyway I can...